Callie Evens Lodge consists of 13 single bedrooms with shared bathrooms, 2 bedrooms with inter-leading lounges, 2 bedrooms with their own private bathrooms and 5 bedsitters with their own lounge, kitchenette and bathroom.

The Frail Care section can accommodate 37 residents, for those who need full time nursing attention and tender loving care. The Frail Care facilities have been upgraded in order to facilitate an ongoing need for this type of accommodation. A qualified sister and nursing staff are on duty 24 hours.

The buildings of the Lodge are set in well kept gardens creating a peaceful and safe atmosphere for the residents to enjoy. The Lodge has 18 cottages in the complex, of which some are leased or some have Life Rights.

There are single and two bedroom cottages each with their own garden. The residents in the cottages are mainly widows who are still capable of caring for themselves, but enjoy the security and the proximity to nursing services offered by the Lodge.

The Lodge has a well equipped kitchen and dining-room. The three meals a day are part of the service provided by the Lodge and this is catered for by contractors who are also responsible for the laundry, cleaning staff and gardeners.

All residents have 24 hour professional staff caring to their needs. Security staff patrol the complex including the cottages during the night. The whole complex is walled and fenced making the Lodge a secure haven for the residents.