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Cathcart Craft Club

Ministers of all denominations visit the residents regularly and hold services. The residents regularly enjoy an afternoon of Bingo, Beatle Drive or General Knowledge Quizzes. The Lodge has a Workshop Centre in which the residents restore and recover furniture, knit, sew or just gather together to make interesting crafts that are sold for funds for the Lodge. A new item of interest is fabric painting and making shopping bags.

Every Tuesday morning the residents as well as friends of the Lodge from the district come along and work alongside the residents in the Workshop Centre. Three times a week the residents join in and do a trim gym workout in order to keep them as fit as possible. The local Round Table and Church organizations regularly entertain our residents. Regular socials are also held for the enjoyment of the residents.

Recently introduced is an open day at the Lodge to which the community and family members are invited. This is in order to show the community and family members how the Lodge cares for their residents. The residents also have a display of their hand made crafts for sale. Tea and eats are also provided. The residents benefit greatly from this day as they get an opportunity to interact with the local community, as well as take pride in their own handy work.